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Increasing customer base with help of Explainer videos

With tremendous growth in internet users, the way people shop has transformed. Before buying anything or availing any services, people prefer to obtain detailed information about it through internet. Whether you have an offline or online business, people want to know about your products and services online.

Explainer video is the solution for the above problem. An explainer video is a short clip that gives complete introduction and description of your brand, products or services. These videos are created using actors, motion graphics and illustrations which are simply animated.

Videos play an important role in building customer base for businesses. It also helps in building brand image for the business by increasing credibility. Following are the ways that helps in increasing customer base through explainer videos:

Engages the audience

People usually get attracted towards visual content as compared to written copies. Explainer videos give detailed information about brand, products and services that engages the targeted audience. An explainer video engages the audience immediately.

Easy to understand

Written content can be interpreted in a lot of ways by your target audience which can deviate them from coming to your website or brand. There are also chances that your targeted audience may miss out some important selling points. Explainer videos mitigates this issue. They convey your message perfectly.

Generate high traffic

Explainer videos engage the viewers to stay on the site for a longer time and reduce bounce rates. When viewers watch the complete video, then they are most likely to move forward for the next step. This helps in bringing traffic over the website.

Easy to share

Explainer videos are highly engaging and humorous, because of which, probability of people sharing them is high. Explainer videos are easily shared on social media which increase the chances of increasing customer base and sales.
Increasing customer base is a difficult job as compared to promoting and marketing your brand. Many businesses doesn´t go for enhancing customer base. If done in proper manner, this provides long term benefits to the business in terms of brand recognition and profits.